Blizzard: legendary ranged weapon to come soon
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 Thyvene said at the European forums of World of Warcraft that the legendary ranged weapon revealed in BlizzCon 2007 will be added soon. The French Blizzard community manager says that it will be a drop from a high level boss, though the weapon type, ETA, and assigned boss hasn’t been fully con…

Encrypted Text: Job perks
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Filed under: Rogue, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, (Rogue) Encrypted TextI love the profession system in WoW, but sometimes it strikes me as odd that we’re basically paying money to go to work. I wouldn’t run around the world and skin animals, pluck f…

Tickets, Please: A look at Darkmoon Faire’s ticket reward system
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Filed under: Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, Items, Tips, Events, Quests, Lore, Factions, Guides, RPIt’s the first full week of the month, and among other things, that means that the Darkmoon Faire is in town — That town being Shattrath City, at least for February. We’ve said a few thin…

Blood Pact: The real Lunar Festival
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Filed under: Events, (Warlock) Blood PactBetween Arenas, V’Ming spends his duration as a lock laughing ominously in AV, tanking Olm with his own minions and pondering troll fashion from Zul’Aman. He’s recently started to plumb the depths of SSC with his 0/21/40 build and bragging about 8k shadow bol…

Removing diminishing honor to the fix the AFK problem
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Filed under: Patches, Analysis / Opinion, Cheats, Blizzard, PvPRelmstein’s latest post asks an interesting question: will the removal of diminishing honor returns in patch 2.4 help Blizzard combat the ongoing AFK problem? His suggestion is that removing the diminishing honor will mean that there is…

There is no Dana, only Omen
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Happy Lunar Festival! Ae as we celebrate the festival of the moon in World of Warcraft, we should take pause to reflect on the many dogs in our life. From the hounds in MC (can’t you just invent out your old rai…


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World of Warcraft Europe servers open for free character migration
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Blizzard Community Manager Thundgot has announced that they are opening up character migration from the highest populated Europe PVP servers to the lowest ones in World of Warcraft. This offer will only be available from February 6 to 12 or until the destination realm’s population increases to an op…

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